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Ex-Smokers Encouraged to Take Part in a Real Vaping Survey Ex-Smokers Encouraged to Take Part in a Real Vaping Survey > Ex-Smokers Encouraged to Take Part in a Real Vaping Survey

Ex-Smokers Encouraged to Take Part in a Real Vaping Survey

As the battle between activists rages across negative media vape stories, we learned of a project aiming to gather success stories, instead.

This survey comes from a seemingly unlikely source. As advocates for vaping as a tool to quit smoking, Vape Direct have been adamantly trying to refute negative stories with NHS, UK government, and scientific evidence. There should be no confusion by now that the British media is entirely biased towards preventing vaping, even referring to it as an ‘epidemic’. In fact, those damaging disposables and vape scare stories depend on devices imported illegally into the UK. Government regulated products are significantly less harmful than smoking. If the media turned as much attention towards stopping teens smoking as they do towards stopping teens vaping, it would be a far healthier world.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

The CASAA campaign for harm reduction, which they see in vape devices. Electronic cigarettes offer a far safer, simpler, and more effective stop-smoking tool than any other nicotine replacement therapy. In contrast with the negative press vape device use receives here in the UK, these advocates for harm reduction are gathering a number of vape success stories.

These stories are gathered online with the intention of highlighting that there are as many success stories about ex-smokers using vape devices to quit, as there are harmful stories as portrayed in modern media.

How to take part in successful vape stories?

These stories will come from a voluntary survey which will only take a minute of your time. Head to the CASAA website and fill in the form here. This logs your vape success story, which could be that you stopped smoking using a Vape Direct device you bought from our online vape shop. If you have a different story about how vaping improved your life, your health, or your bank balance, please share your thoughts. The world is watching vaping right now and this is exactly the correct way to answer.

Responsible Vaping with Vape Direct

Don’t forget that you can shop online for nic salts, vape kits, pods and pod refills, replacement coils, and all your vaping news, right here with You can even pop in and see us in one of our Buckingham or Milton Keynes stores. We can guarantee that the stories we share won’t be so dramatically negative.

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