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E-Cigarette Detectors Rolled Out In Schools and Businesses

E-Cigarette Detectors Rolled Out In Schools and Businesses

Health and safety representatives are relieved at the move but sensationalist journalism is taking over, once again.

We noticed an article released on the 23rd of March 2023, which talked about the installation of vape specific detectors in public spaces. While we are interested in the concept of a vape detector device, we are not interested in giving this type of sensationalist journalism airtime, so we won’t waste your time with the link.

We want to talk about Vape Detectors. What are they, how do they work, and can we expect to see more of them in future?

How do Vape Detectors Work?

Vape detectors are technically sensors. They operate in the same way as a standard smoke alarm does. Businesses can instal the discreet sensors wherever they think there may be a problem. When the vape user blows vapour into the room, the sensor detects this. It may or may not issue an alarm, but it will always send a notification to your phone or email address when it detects vapour. These sensors detect steam and the chemicals typically used in vape juices.

UK news sources say these are already in place in some schools and UK businesses. According to a BBC news report from January2023, Baxter College in Kidderminster was one of the first schools to adopt these sensors. In an interview, head teacher Matthew Carpenter said that the sensors were “expensive but worth it.” Since the sensors were installed, there has been a marked decrease in the number of students asking to go to the toilets mid-session. The school records each time a child asks to go to the toilet during lessons.

Do we need them in Schools?

The move has been received well among the schools trialling them in Australia. With sensationalists calling vaping in schools an epidemic, perhaps making vape detectors as mandatory as smoke alarms could help quell the panic.

Do we need them in Businesses?

Like it or not, it is illegal to use smoking products indoors. Although vaping is not smoking, it still comes under those same rules. Employers have a responsibility to comply with health and safety regulations, so they ought to take the steps to prevent vaping inside any work buildings to stay compliant.

Do Vape Direct Sell Vape Sensors?

We are afraid we do not sell vape sensors for your business. We do sell high quality vape products, however. Come to us for nicotine free vape juices, vape mods, replacement coils and new tanks. You can also come to us for all the recent vaping news in the UK.

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