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Why Have Vape Direct Introduced Age Related Checks on their Website? | Vape Direct

Why Have Vape Direct Introduced Age Related Checks on their Website?

Wondering how and why your favourite online vaping store has started using age checking technology? Here’s why.

Age verification is always a tricky process for us online retailers. When you sell age restricted goods you must ensure you are in full compliance with the law. Since vape devices and vape juices are age restricted, we must be vigilant when it comes to who is allowed to buy from us. 

To accommodate this, we have introduced a clever Ai which verifies your age while you are on our site. Here’s everything you need to know about age restricted items and how we do our checks.

Government Compliance Means Proving your Age

We have only adapted this change so that we can maintain compliance with UK government age restricted purchasing guidelines. We sell nicotine products, and the sale and purchasing of these items is closely monitored to ensure we protect minors. You can read the full legislation here for yourself if you are unclear.

Age Verification on the Vape Direct Website

We work in conjunction with 1Account, which allows you to verify your age at the Point of Purchase. This system uses your details and compares them with the electoral register, with registers for credit cards, or with the information on your driving license. When you make a purchase of age restricted items through the Vape Direct website, 1Account will verify your age while you pay by matching these details to records held. 

We will ask for your consent to share your data with this partner firm, in accordance with information sharing guidelines set out by the UK Government. We cannot verify your age without this consent, so you will not be able to complete your purchase without it. When consent is issued, we can then retrieve copies of your documentation which verifies you are who you say you are – age and all.

The Important Part

What this means is that minors cannot buy from our site. If they are a minor, they will have no credit card or driving license. If they are listed on the electoral register, it will be under their parents or guardian’s names. This will show us that they are not of age, and we will therefore cease in the sale. Minors cannot buy nicotine products and we go to great extents to ensure our compliance with this law.

How Long Does It Take?

Age verification through our partner 1account will take moments. It should be completed by the time your sale is ready to process. The system will prompt you to verify your age in the first stage of the checkout process. The system may ask you for permission to verify your age using the different documentation outlined within this document. It may ask you for this information individually. 

Age Verification allows you to buy any vape device you like through our site. If you do not have any of the types of documentation on record about you, then you may have to visit a store in person to verify your age. 

Otherwise, you can browse our products and start shopping for a vape device, today. 

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