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Who Are Vampire Vape? - Vape Direct

Who Are Vampire Vape?

All you need to know about the premier vape brand, Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape area hugely successful vaping product brand. They specialise in creating vape juices that are so bursting with flavour that they have earned international acclaim. They manufacture their vape juices out of a factory in a world-class cleanroom using state of the art equipment. Of all the vape brands we sell here at Vape Direct, we find the flavour profiles and products from Vampire Vape to be some of the most advanced.

Here is everything you need to know about this illustrious brand. Could Vampire Vape E-liquids be the right brand for you? Let’s learn something about them together and find out.

About Vampire Vape Products

The Vampire Vape brand began life back in 2012. Within the first year of trading, they had already expanded into a limited company. They opened the Vampire Vape Flavour Warehouse with a base foundation of 12 sumptuous flavours. Nowadays, Vampire Vape have more than 54 flavours and counting, and they export their delicious wares to 20 different countries around the world.

Vampire Vape offers other brands the chance to bottle their e-juices inside their manufacturing plant. Each batch they make is tested for flavour and quality, and all of their wares go through rigorous testing. They choose high quality PG and VG juices, and they source their nicotine from the finest purveyors. This is a brand that looks for the finesse in the vape product and passes that finesse onto the clients. It’s a vape juice manufacturer that we can get behind.

What Type of Products do they have?

Vampire Vape have loads of products in cool flavours for you to try out. They offer Koncept Xix, Vampire Shotz, and regular e-liquids.

Koncept Xix from Vampire Vape

There are loads of flavours of Koncept Xix on offer. We regularly sell out of the two top flavour profiles that made the Vampire Vape name famous: Heisenberg and Pinkman. These two flavours are named for the Breaking Bad characters we all know and love. Heisenberg is known to be both fruity and icy, with a distinctive menthol aftertaste. Pinkman is a ripe fruit flavour with a 70/30 VG/PG split. The Koncept Xix Blood Sukka flavour is another firm favourite. When you buy any of these 50ml short fill bottles from Vape Direct, we give you a free nicotine shot, too.

Vampire Shotz

The Vampire Shotz range are a little easier to describe. Most of them mix foods and fruits together. The Grapefruit Sunrise flavour comes top of the list for most. The Watermelon Mojito flavour is popular with those who wish they could drink through the day. Our Purple Fusion blend is so popular that it keeps selling out.

Standard Vape Juices from Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape offer all of the above in regular nicotine bottles, too. As well as having great flavour choices, we offer great rates on Vampire vape products here at Vape Direct. Get 3 small bottles for £12, or 6 for £20. We also sell the 50ml bottles at a rate of 2 for £20. Bargain!

Where Can I Buy Vampire Vape Products?

You can buy a wide variety of Vampire Vape products right here on the Vape Direct website. If you prefer not to shop online, you can always stop into our Stacey Bushes or Milton Keynes stores to see us. You can shop for vape products in our online UK vape shop and, if you live in Milton Keynes and order before 3pm, we can rush that order to you on the same day.

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