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What the Omicron Covid Variant Means for UK Vape Shops? | Vape Direct What the Omicron Covid Variant Means for UK Vape Shops? | Vape Direct > What the Omicron Covid Variant Means for UK Vape Shops? | Vape Direct

What the Omicron Covid Variant Means for UK Vape Shops?

What are the new regulations for staying safe while you are shopping for a new vape device in England and Wales?

The arrival of the Omicron Covid-19 variant is having a breaking impact, all over the globe. Some countries have completely closed their borders, such as Morocco and Israel. Other countries have imposed strict regulations about group gatherings and even issued a curfew, like Belgium. Here in the UK, however, PM Boris Johnstone hasn’t issued any extreme guidelines, just yet.

Why Omicron is Threatening your Christmas Shopping

Omicron threatens to upset your shopping days on the run up to Christmas. It has already appeared in two places. The NHS recently reported Omicron in a KFC in Brentwood, in Essex. It was also reported in Nottingham. The Omicron Variant came from South Africa and developed in early November. It is dangerous because it presents multiple variations that scientist say are problematic. The World Health Organisation has issued guidance that all new cases be reported and that governments tighten Covid restrictions once again.

How Omicron Will Impact Vape Stores?

How will this impact vape stores? Vape Direct will try our best to make sure your shopping experience will be uninterrupted by the arrival of the virus. We are taking all preventions in store and are encouraging the use of online ordering. We are actively following all government advice on how to protect the workforce and encourage shoppers to do the same.

Measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are as follows.

Wear your Face Mask

Wear a face mask or covering when you are out in public, and while you are visiting our vape shop. You can order online to prevent having to shop in person if that makes you more comfortable. The government has mandated that we all wear our masks in public places.

Wash Your Hands

We have all heard this multiple times by now but maintaining good hand hygiene lessens the spread of the virus. Wash your hands often, using hot and soapy water. Use hand sanitiser when you enter the vape store and before you leave our premises.

Minimise Interactions

You can contact Vape Direct through our website for advice and guidance on which vape products are best for you. This will minimise staff-customer interactions and help prevent viral spread. Try to order ahead and use contactless payments where you can.

Engage Social Distancing

Although the UK Gov hasn’t mandated the use of the 2 metre social distancing guidelines that we had in place in 2020, they have advised that we keep a social distance where possible. Please follow all signs to make sure crowds and queuing are minimal.

Use Test and Trace

We will encourage vape store employees into regular testing. We also advocate the use of the NHS Test and Trace system as a way of tracking outbreaks. Please download the app and use this system when you are shopping.

When do these measures come into effect?

The measures begin on the 4th of November 2021 and they will be reviewed in a few weeks.

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