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Introducing Dinner Lady Vape Products

If you are trying new vape juices to try and find your perfect flavour and PG:VG combo, then Dinner Lady are an excellent choice.

The crew over at Dinner Lady are more exotic than their name suggests. Rather than providing sloppy mashed potatoes, the Dinner Lady range of vape products are sublime. We reviewed everything you need to know about this classier-than-confessed vape juice company so you can decide if it’s a match. Is Dinner Lady Vape Juice right for you? Let’s find out…

About Dinner Lady Vape Juices

Dinner Lady vape juices manage to create all your favourite school dinner flavours – but as e-liquids. Using their tailored blend of recipes, you can get all the flavour of the cakes and desserts you loved in school but without all those calories. They aim to create an excellent vaping experience based on over 100 flavour profiles.

Dinner Lady Vape Juices first launched back in 2016, meaning they got in early on the vape juice market. Not only that, but they have spread from a lowly staff of 2 founders, to over 200 employees in over 100 countries. During the few years they have operated for, they have grown to become one of the world’s best known. In 2018, this ergonomic company opened a £4 million, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, where they create the flavours we know and love them for, today.

Benefits of Dinner Lady vape products include a delightful range of flavours teamed with a UK based manufacturing plant. When you choose this global firm for your e-liquid needs, you use less air miles.

What Type of Products do Dinner Lady Have?

We wouldn’t be the industry renowned vape product store if we didn’t summarise at least a few of the Dinner Lady products we have in stock. Here are some of our favourite flavour profiles for your perusal.

10 ml Dinner Lady Vape Juice Bottles

We have some of the best flavours of vape juice right here in stock. Those that like fruity flavours will be thrilled with the freshness of the Dinner Lady Nic Salts Watermelon Slices flavour. Next, you can enjoy the delightful dessert flavours that the brand are famous for. Choose between Strawberry Macaroon Nic Salts, Lemon Tart flavour, or enjoy some Blackberry Crumble, instead.

50 ml Dinner Lady Vape Juice Bottle

You will have to move quickly if you want one of our best selling Dinner Lady Vape Juices. Caramel Tobacco sells out as soon as we put it on the shelf. Alternatively, you can order Berry Tart, Lemon Tart, or Blackberry Crumble short fills, instead.

Where Can You Buy Dinner Lady E-Liquids?

You can buy a good selection of Dinner Lady vape juices right here in the Vape Direct store. If you live in Milton Keynes and order before 3pm, we will even give you same day delivery. Better yet, we offer deals and bargains on Dinner Lady vape juices. Right now, you can get 3 10ml bottles for £12, or 6 bottles for £20. We also offer 2 for £25 on 50ml bottles.

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