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How to Setup and Use a Standard Vape Mod Kit

How to Setup and Use a Standard Vape Mod Kit

Are you graduating to the highest level of vaping – the box mod? Here is the guide to putting one together and using it for the first time.

There are stages in vaping which people overlook all the time. We don’t even realise that there is a hierarchy of vape products and vape devices. Most vape users progress in the same way. The stages of vape kit use goes as follows:

  • The disposable device – you try a few puffs of a friend’s vape, you realise you might like it, you buy a disposable vape a couple of times to try different flavours.
  • You might choose a pod kit because these are nice and easy to use. The flavour comes in handy pods so you don’t have any spillage to worry about.
  • But that pod kit will only produce so much vapour, and you’d really like bigger clouds. So you switch to a refillable vape kit.
  • And after a year or so of using the refillable vape, you go back and buy yourself a sub ohm device.
  • When you have vaped a sub ohm device for a long time, there is only one step left to the top.
  • So you buy a box mod and put a vape device together for yourself, which leads us to the next portion of this guide.

What is a mod vape?

Vape mods are just vapes which include modifications. These might be better airflow, an adapted power, or better taste. There are two types of vape mod. There is the right kind and the wrong kind. The right kind are regulated according to UK health and trading standard authorities. The wrong kind are illegal, unregulated, and might cause you to develop a lung disease. Stick to regulated mods.

How to setup your mod vape?

It depends on the vape, however many of these come as adapted vapes which you can build yourself. All standard vape mod kits come with a 510 connection point, meaning you can switch out the modified part for any other vape mod. This is the feature which makes these vape kits so successful. Box mods are simple to put together if you follow the instructions. Every part you need to achieve your desired modified vape device is there for you. When you buy through Vape Direct, we can also confirm that all our devices are regulated as a quality standard.

Typically, a box mod vape setup goes like this:

  • Insert and charge the battery first. Pick out the juice or pod you want and select a coil.
  • Prime the coil before you put it into the tank. You can do this by putting juice on it while it is fresh from the packet.
  • Check the resistance level on the base of the coil to see how much it has, then check your manufacturer’s guidelines on how you should adjust the wattage to suit the coil.
  • Put the coil in the tank and screw it into place.
  • Pour in the vape juice and let it soak in for a minute.
  • Connect your vape to your tank.

To use your vape mod, follow the instructions in the box. Most use a five-press system to start working but others have complex screens and button systems.

Visit Vape Direct In-Store

Still have vape mod kit questions? Contact us in-store to take advantage of our expert advice. We started as a Milton Keynes vape shop but we have an established store in Buckingham, too. We choose only the finest quality tanks, box mods to build at home, and vape juices for our customers. We can even guide you through how to use your new mod kit while you are there.

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