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How To Maintain Your Refillable Vape Device

Maintaining your vape device can make it last a lot longer, prevent burnt tasting hits, and keeps it clean so you get the full force of any vape juice flavour you fill it with.

There are many types of vape device on the market. While disposable vapes do not require any maintenance whatsoever, and pod kits are a simple click in – click out design, refillable box mods and vape devices with open tank systems require maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition. This guide will talk you through how to maintain your vape kit device to keep it cleaner for longer – and make it truly stand the test of time as a result.

The Different Parts of a Refillable Vape

Before we can talk you through how to maintain it, we need to list the separate parts you ought to be able to break your device into. Remember, this is a guide that generalises all types of refillable vape. Before breaking anything down into parts, consult the manual for your specific device to avoiding breakages.

Parts of your vape device:

  • The mouthpiece – which you put your lips to.
  • The battery – which is usually on the bottom and disconnects to charge.
  • The tank – where you refill it.
  • The buttons – which are often on the battery pack.
  • The screen – often below the buttons.
  • The coil and wick – situated inside the tank.
  • The vape juice – which goes inside the glass tank.

Familiarise yourself with each part before you try to maintain your vape device.

Key Maintenance for Your Vape Device

Now that we know what the different parts look like, we can start talking you through cleaning and replacing parts.

Replacing Broken Parts of your Vape Device

The first thing to note is that we can replace pod refills, coils to suit your device, batteries, the glass on your device, and the tank. If any of these parts break, pop into one of our Milton Keynes shops or find our online vape store and replace those parts.

Coil Replacement

You will need a new coil often. You ought to match your coil to your vape juice. Keeping one coil per flavour of vape juice is the easiest way to prevent too frequent a coil replacement for your vape device. Keep coils in a zip lock bag with the relevant flavour vape juice to make them last longer.

Replacing the coil means waiting until your vape juice runs out, fully emptying the tank compartment, and unscrewing the coil from its bed. Clean out your tank, flood the coil by dripping lots of juice directly on top of the new coil before you put your vape device back together again.

Tank and Mouthpiece Cleaning

You will need to clean out the tank every time you add a new vape juice, unless you want your vapour to taste grubby. When those flavours mix you don’t get the full goodness out of each new e-liquid. Instead, empty the tank fully, then clean it out.

To clean out your vape device’s tank, empty the liquid out and use a sheet of kitchen roll to absorb any leftover material. Remove the coil and wick. You can then fully submerge both the tank and the mouthpiece in hot water and continue to rinse it clean. If it is incredibly dirty you can use dish soap to clean it, just make sure you rinse it thoroughly before you finish.

Before you put the parts back together, make sure you leave them to dry thoroughly. It can be dangerous to put your wet tank on your battery pack, so be careful.

Charger Maintenance

Always use the charger that came with your vape device. Do not substitute it for a faster or more powerful charger. Interfering with the charger can cause your device to break. If you spot any chews on the cable, replace it immediately. You can read more about how to maintain a charger for your vape device in our previous article.

What Happens if you Don’t Maintain Your Vape Device?

If you do not go through these steps to maintain your device, you will lessen the quality of your vaping session. You can pop into one of our stores or browse replacement parts in the online vape shop.

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