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Easing of Covid Restrictions Means Back to Business as Usual for Vape Direct - Vape Direct Easing of Covid Restrictions Means Back to Business as Usual for Vape Direct - Vape Direct > Easing of Covid Restrictions Means Back to Business as Usual for Vape Direct - Vape Direct

Easing of Covid Restrictions Means Back to Business as Usual for Vape Direct

Think changing covid rules have affected our ability to provide high quality vaping products? Think again.

Although we have focused on bringing you the best quality online vaping services during the ongoing pandemic, we have had to consistently review and change the rules based on government guidance. The new rules outline a return to Plan A to control the virus, a welcome easing of restrictions that has taken the strain off businesses and allowed us to return to full service.

What The Recent Return to Covid Plan A in England Means

The government introduced plan B to tackle the spread of covid before Christmas. The high street was in uproar because this created billions in losses in pre-Christmas bookings and sales in and around London alone. With the economy already pushed to the brink by the ongoing world events, there was no end in sight.

Sky News reported today (Thursday, Jan 27th, 2022) that the covid restrictions would ease back into Plan A, allowing businesses to fully open and return to normal.

What is the new normal for the time being? The government advise that face coverings are no longer necessary except on the London transport services. From 11th February, new arrivals in Britain won’t need a post-arrival LFT. If you plan on travelling abroad, you must take a PCR test and fill in a passenger locator form if you are unvaccinated. The vaccinated will simply need the form.

The self-isolation advice is due for review in March. The Scottish government have followed suit, reopened clubs and scrapping social distancing measures. Could this be the beginning of the end of Covid? We certainly hope so.

Visit the Vape Direct Store – in Person!

All of this means that we would be delighted to welcome you back to our premises in person, to choose your next e-liquid or vaping device. Feel free to pop back into your local stores at a Vape Direct near you.

You can find us at Stacey Bushes. The Stacey Bushes vape shop opening times are Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm. Or Saturday from 9am-6pm, and Sunday from 10am-6pm. If you prefer, you can find the Stacey Bushes vape store on our website, here.

Alternatively, visit our Neath Hill shop to top up on e-liquids or buy a new vape kit. The Neath Hill Vape Direct store is open from Monday – Saturday, from 9am-6pm. They are closed on a Sunday but you can find them if you visit the website, here.

If you are in self-isolation or if you just prefer to do your shopping digitally, you will find all our vape products for sale in our online store. Visit to start browsing. Want to speak to someone in person? You can call our customer support line on 01908 579 888. You can also email our team at

Same Day Delivery on Orders Placed Before 3pm

We offer same day delivery if you place your order before 3pm and you live in the Bucking or Milton Keynes areas. Just one more reason to choose our vaping shop for all your vape juice and replacement part needs.

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