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Disposable Vapes and the Environment | Vape Direct

Disposable Vapes and the Environment

Disposable E-Cigarettes: The Environmental Impact

There’s no doubt that the vaping revolution has had a huge impact around the world. Many experts and organisations hail the technology as a safer alternative to smoking. Millions of people have ditched the cigarettes in favour of these electronic devices that are now commonplace in city streets around the world. The reduced impact on our health is clear. For starters, they don’t produce tar and carbon monoxide which are two of the most harmful products in tobacco smoke. 


Why Disposable E-Cigarettes Impact The Environment

many of our customers purchase vape-compatible products from our store. Rechargeable vapes are popular and provide users with increased longevity due to the interchangeability of their components. Unlike single-use products, they’re a great way of enjoying the pastime as well as doing your bit for helping the environment. However, the increased number of disposable vaping devices flooding the market is cause for concern, primarily for the difficulty in recycling them and the impact they’re having on the market. Let us explain.

Consider that one survey found that 3.6 million adults vape daily. Even if just one-third of this group uses disposable e-cigarettes a day, that would produce more than a billion pieces of vape waste in one year, with no place to properly discard or recycle. And this isn’t counting vape waste from the estimated more than five million middle and high school students who vape.


We have some good news!

Coming soon! Riot Labs QBAR is the world's first carbon-neutral disposable vape. Created by the minds behind Riot Squad, one of the UK's most popular e-liquid brands, this innovative range features 10 flavours in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths as well as 0mg (nicotine-free). Each device is made from bioplastics, which are 75% less carbon intensive, and they're fully recyclable too. 


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