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Cartomizer or Clearomizer? The Truth in Vaping Tanks

Do you need a cartomizer for your vape, or a clearomizer? We go into better detail on what each of these products are, below.

Getting to know your way around a vape device is tricky when you are new to vaping. You don’t want to look foolish because you don’t know what parts do what, but you also don’t want to damage your pride by asking someone. If this story sounds familiar, pop into the Milton Keynes Vape Direct stores and we can talk about devices. If you are specifically interested in the difference between a cartomizer and a clearomizer, though, stick around and we’ll continue.

What is a Cartomizer?

A cartomizer is a type of vaping device that comes in a set format. The cartomizer looks like an e-cigarette rather than a vape device. What defines them is that they always clip onto a battery at one end. If you have a vape device that is long and thing, and if you have to separate it into sections and charge one section or if it charges at one end, it’s a cartomizer.

Manufacturers create Vape devices this so that the battery is as far from the liquid end as possible. A cartomizer and a clearomizer both work the same way – they heat e-liquid to a perfect vaping temperature. Let’s learn about clearomizers before we talk about the real differences between the two.

What is a Clearomizer?

A clearomizer acts in an analogous way to the cartomizer. It does the same thing and comes with the same parts. The difference between the two is that a clearomizer is an evolution of the cartomizer. At some point along the way, an inventor was vaping and thought it would be really cool if they could see the vapour in the tank. They invented a clear tank so that you could see the smoke travel. This nifty invention received the name the clearomizer, and history was forever rewritten.

There are benefits to having this clear tank. The clearomizer allows you to see exactly how much e-liquid is still left in your tank. It means less chance of dry hitting and more vape enjoyment.

What’s the Difference between a Clearomizer and a Cartomizer?

Clearomizers and Cartomizers are both types of atomizer. We’re not just throwing another word into the mix to confuse you, either. An atomizer is any device which lets you deploy fine liquid droplets into the air in mist form. They charge at one end and emit steam or vapour at the other. The difference is that one is clear and the other is not. That’s all there really is to it.

Which do I need for a Vaping Device?

A clearomizer is best for those who often run low on vape juice without noticing. A cartomizer is great for everyone, but typically comes with high-wattage devices. The higher the temperature your vape device can achieve, the less likely it is to be a clearomizer. Elevated temperature devices need elevated temperature tanks, and those don’t tend to be clear.


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