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All About IVG Vape Products

Still on the hunt for the correct vape products for you? IVG vaping could be the brand you need in your life.

IVG vaping stands for I Vape Great. This brand have become one of the biggest vape juice manufacturers in the world at this moment. They create hundreds of vape juices, all seeking to achieve e-liquid perfection. Not only are they a world-wide favourite, but they have also won awards in the UK, such as the Best International Vape Brand and the Best UK Vape Brand. If it’s electronic cigarette liquid greatness you are looking for, they have it in spades.

Here is everything you need to know about IVG vape products as sold by the Vape Direct team.

Who are IVG Vaping?

I VG vaping established themselves in 2016. Since then, they have tried to take over the world of vape juices with a reasonable degree of success. They now cater to more than one hundred countries across 6 different continents of the world. We’re confident they would sell vape juice on the arctic poles if enough people lived there to buy them.

Over the course of their massive growth, I Vape Great have created some innovative flavour profiles that other companies look to for inspiration. They’ve received countless awards, aim to improve the sustainability of vaping everywhere, and run a total of ten different brands of vape juices. If you want a quality product with the marketing teams to back it up, this is the vape juice brand you should buy.

What Types of Vape Products do IVG Make?

We wouldn’t be thorough if we didn’t review some of the best I VG products in store here at Vape Direct. Here are some of the popular types of vape juices we supply from the IVG brand range.

Sweet Flavours

Everyone loves a bubblegum flavoured nicotine hit. If that’s not for you, the interesting flavour of Blueburg Burst will appeal. There are a bunch of dessert inspired flavour profiles in there too. Try a Jam Roly Poly vape juice or a Vanilla Biscuit sweet tasting juice, instead.

Drink Flavours

Riberry has a distinctly Ribena flavour and feel to it, but we can’t prove anything. We also love the pina colada flavour, which is just like the drink but without either the calories or the light-headedness. The purple slush flavour is as icy as you’d expect, but has a bursting berry flavour you might not have.

Where Can I Buy IVG Vape Products?

You have access to a full selection of I Vape Great products right here on the Vape Direct website. We provide ample choice for your vaping smoothness, from their best known to their least known products. We offer same day delivery to those living in Milton Keynes who order before 3pm. We also rotate deals on IVG vape juices to encourage customers to try all the juices they like. We even offer mix and match deals on 2 for £25 on the 50 ml bottles. Vape bigger with bigger bottles and do your part to be an environmentally positive vaper.

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