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Vape Duty Applies from October 2026 – Government Will Raise Tobacco Duty


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The formerly provisional role of a proposed vaping tax will go ahead, as announced in the budget.

The Vape Duty will come into effect as of October 2026, although details are still being finalised over what the proposals could mean for vape stores in the UK.

Another phase of the vape tax will include a one-off raise in tobacco duty. This will see smokers in the UK faced with higher prices, thus encouraging them to turn to vape devices even after the price hike.

Jeremy Hunt reported that vaping does play a positive role in helping smoker’s quit. Because of this, the government are increasing the duty on tobacco rather than decreasing the proposed increase to vape devices and juices.

The proposed tax is set to come into play as of October 2026, when both vapers and smokers will face unprecedented rises in tobacco products.

Industry responders such as the UKVIA have expressed concern over the proposed tax hikes since this could affect people from poorer areas during an economic crisis. Industry experts have also warned that price increases will turn ex-smokers away from vape devices as the most effective nicotine replacement therapy available.

Other Issues with the Raise in Tobacco Duty

It is thought that around 2 thirds of vape device users will return to cigarettes due to the high prices. A further consideration lies with the impact this tax will have on the retail sector, with further rules restricting who can sell vape devices in the future.

A rise in tobacco duty will not turn people away from smoking. The evidence for this lies in other countries who have outright banned vape devices altogether. Australia have a massive – yet inevitable – problem with vapes being smuggled into the country since they changed the law to allow vaping by prescription only.

One only has to look towards Sweden, who has the lowest percentage of smokers in Europe (5.2%), to see the efficacy of vape devices preventing smoking, firsthand. This all comes at a time when Ireland are warning the UK of the dangers that an outright ban will cause.

Cancer charities within the UK have also expressed concern. While they largely support an increase in tobacco duty, there is significant trepidation around what this could mean for smoking cessation patients and clinics throughout the UK.

In short, if the government want to be smoke free by their pledged target of 2030, then raising prices on tobacco replacements is a counterintuitive plan.

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