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Temporary Respite from the Vape Bill over General Election


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Vape device users all over the UK have been celebrating over the course of the last week due to the General Election.

Key Vapeaways:

  • Rishi Sunak’s proposed Tobacco and Vapes Bill paused in light of the General Election
  • Both Labour and Conservative parties vow to revisit the bill after the election
  • Vaping industry representatives pledges to work with new government on new version
  • Calling a General Election means Dissolution of Parliament
  • During Dissolution of Parliament no new legislation may pass

General Election Sees Tobacco and Vape Bill up in Smoke

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a General Election in the UK on July 4th. Despite his ‘comprehensive plan’ to ensure the next generation grows up smoke-free, the Tobacco and Vapes Bill as argued over by his government seems to be hanging by a shaky peg.

The UK operates via democracy, with parliamentary law stating that General Elections be held no more than every five years. It is up to the PM when the election will be otherwise. During the period between the announcement of the election and the execution of it, all bills being debated in Parliament are paused.

Dissolution of Parliament Pauses All Currently Forming Legislation

What does this mean for vape users across the UK? It brings all of the last few months of debate and misrepresentation-fuelled negativity into question. But with the General Election now on the horizon does it look like any of the Tobacco and Vapes Bill will go ahead?

Here is what you need to know:

  • The UK Parliament officially dissolved on May 30th, 2024.
  • The dissolution of parliament is a necessary step in the GE cycle. The old parliament must first step down and put their affairs in order while the new parliament prepares to lead.
  • After Parliament dissolves there can be no further new legislation pursued until the new parliament reconvenes.
  • This means that debates over bills such as the Tobacco and Vape Bill must stop until the new government arrives.
  • The new government may or may not wish to pursue the bill.

Although the chances seem likely that either a softer version of the bill or no version of the bill passes at all, we cannot rule out the possibility that the new government will take up the mantle when they orientate themselves in No. 10.

Vapers across the UK breathe a sigh of relief

The promise of a General Election has given vapers across the UK time to breathe a sigh of relief. However, those protesting the legislation before the calling of the GE should not rest easy. This could be no more than a temporary respite. Plans for a smoke-free generation have long since been seen in a favourable light by the general public.

It may interest you to know that YouGov polls indicate an enormous Labour majority.

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