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Rt Hon. Andrea Leadsom Quits Ahead of Election


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This last week has seen a small victory for the vaping industry as the Rt Hon. Andrea Leadsom wrote a letter to the PM declaring she will not stand in the upcoming general election.

Vape Direct introduced readers to The Rt Hon. Andrea Leadsom in the past weeks when she made headlines for upsetting the UK Vaping Industry Association…. And anyone else who cares about factual information in the arena focusing on vape use.

Who is RT Hon. Andrea Leadsom?

The RT Hon. Andrea Leadsom has/had been the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care. Since the dissolution of Parliament took place on May 30th, 2024, she has announced her decision that she will not run for her usual seat, alongside a similar announcement from famous conservative party member Michael Gove and 119 other tory MPs.

Former MP for South Northamptonshire, Leadsom was tipped for becoming Prime Minister in 2016. Some of her best work includes urging the UK to leave the EU, setting up an independent grievance scheme in Parliament, and working with other bureaucrats to set up an early years support system for children which is, of course, drastically underfunded.

Why UKVIA Won’t Miss Her

Dame Rt Hon. MP Andrea Leadsom is one of the two MPs who campaigned against vapes, based on the misinformation spread in the mainstream news. She and Jo Churchill MP were placed in charge of the governmental stance on vape use in the UK. In this role, she offended everybody by stating inaccurate information and name calling vape industry representatives.

As well as offensive statements, Leadsom was heard spouting anti-vape rhetoric which gave inaccurate information to panels.

Later, this former MP went on to outright reject the proposed licensing regulations set out by industry reps UKVIA. The UKVIA put together a meticulous plan for licensing, reminiscent of their formerly ignored green vaping plans. She then announced that the licensing scheme would make ‘big tobacco’ ‘loads of money’.

The UK Vaping Industry Association responded to her outburst with a letter written to the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The letter demanded an apology over her ‘inappropriate, false, and disrespectful comments’. In fairness to them, she did accuse vape industry representatives of making vapes addicting to children.

Her proposal was to sink a further £50 million GBP into Trading Standards Authorities across England and Wales. This counterproposal to a licensing scheme would send good money after bad, into a crackdown on illegal vapes which is failing. Licensing would seek to solve the problem at source, rather than treating the wounds.

The Conclusion

With this minister in charge, it has been an uphill struggle for those fighting for fair representation in the vaping sector. Fortunately, parliament will reconvene with a brand new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care. Whether it be a Conservative, Labour, Green, or independent party minister – we do not know.

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