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Northern Ireland Will Ban single Use Vapes Next Year


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After analysis of the waste produced in Northern Ireland revealed single use vapes to be on the same scale as single use plastic cups, ministers have pledged to stop the sale of single use vapes in NI as of 1st April 2025.

Ministers have responded by falling into line with the UK government’s desire to ban these vapes in the coming years. The Belfast Telegraph reports that the move is largely driven by littering.

Although still aiming for a smoke-free generation, the UK government would like member states to declare their intentions to proceed with the bans. Northern Ireland are the latest member state to declare that they support the ban.

Although ministers called it “ambitious” they also noted an alarming rise in the numbers of disposable vapes which are ending up in the natural environment. The hope is not that ex-smokers will be dissuaded from vaping through a ban on disposables, but rather that the average ex-smoker will turn to reusable vape devices, instead.

Where the UK government may have encouraged ex-smokers to continue towards vaping by reducing the cost of reusable vape devices, things might have made more sense. As it stands, however, the UK government’s vape tax looks set to push up the prices, instead. This could lead those in impoverished areas to have worse health, since they don’t have access to the funds need to buy the vape devices which will turn them away from cigarettes.

Support for the Ban on Disposable Vapes in NI

With around 5 million disposable vape devices discarded in the UK each week; correct disposal is essential. Unfortunately, consumers are disposing of these vape devices in the streets, parks, and natural spaces. It’s not all vapers but it is a significant enough number of them that the government had to intervene.

During a government consultation in 2023, research showed that over 90% of all participants supported the tightening of single use vape regulations. A further 85% supported the idea of an all-out ban.

The ban is also expected to tackle the rates of youth vaping by making these affordable devices unavailable. If we look back to the history of children smoking cigarettes in schools in the UK, however, we already know that raising the prices via taxation does not put them off. What did put them off smoking was vaping… We all know what a teenager does when you tell them not to do something.

Spokespeople from the vaping industry have repeatedly expressed concern over these new laws, which will come into force across the UK. The argument is that tackling public knowledge and accosting litterers is where this money would be better spent.

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