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Is Sweden a Smoke Free Country?


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Sweden are making smoking breakthroughs year after year. With their target to becoming fully smoke free imminent, it’s no wonder you are asking if Sweden is a smoke free country.

The Swedish are leading the way as the closest country Europe has to becoming totally smoke free. By combining a rigorous set of enforceable guidelines, charging fines for miscreants, and changing public attitudes towards cigarettes, they have managed to become an icon in the race to make a smoke free world.

This article discusses how Sweden managed to bring it’s overall smoking rates down to 5.2% in November, 2023.

How did Sweden stop smoking?

Sweden stopped smoking as a country by using a series of measures calculated to eradicate smoking. The country began by banning smoking in pubs and restaurants all the way back in 2005. Later, the government saw the success of this model and introduced a smoking ban in all public places as of 2019.

The Swedish largely supported the original ruling and later backed the full ban. If things stay on target, they will meet the EU target of becoming wholly smoke free 17 years ahead of schedule.

Is it legal to use a vape in Sweden?

It is legal to use vapes in Sweden and, in fact, encouraged. Although smoking rates have dropped from over 15% to a little over 5% in the last few years, the country is not tobacco free. Other tobacco products are readily available in Sweden, and not just vape devices.

What is Snus?

As well as using vape devices to quit smoking, the Swedish turned to another method of tobacco ingestion known as snus. But what is snus and how do you use it? Could it be the answer to smoking cessation elsewhere?

Snus can come in tobacco free variants but it is mainly used for nicotine. The tobacco is inside small parcels which almost resemble the British tea bag – but smaller and thinner. Rather than smoking, vaping, or chewing the snus, it is pressed underneath the top lip, on the gum above the teeth. This allows for sublabial administration as the product gradually seeps into the gums.

Since the base of the teeth and the gums of your mouth represent the quickest way for the chemicals to enter the bloodstream, the effects of the nicotine high are quick and long-lasting.

Can you buy Snus in Britain?

Snus is illegal in many countries, including the entirety of the EU with the exception of Sweden. This is due to the potential for mouth cancers and other diseases associated with ingesting tobacco products in this way.

In Britain, the best way to stop smoking remains the vape device, which performs better than any other nicotine cessation device by about 5%.

Vape Products to Help You Quit Smoking

Stick to vape devices if you want to quit smoking in the UK. Try a few disposable vape devices first, getting to know your favourite flavours and vaping styles. Next, move up to a pod kit or vape kit, either is capable of aiding you in your journey to stopping smoking completely. Your journey to better health could start with a few puffs on a Lost Mary. What have you got to lose?