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Australia will Ban Recreational Vaping

Australia will Ban Recreational Vaping

On Monday May 2nd, 2023, the Australian government announced plans to have the most radical change up in smoking reform in years.

The Australians class vape devices the same way the class cigarettes, which is a worrying way to begin. The reforms include massive changes to the legality of vape use in the country.

According to the Australian Health Minister Mark Butler claims that vape devices are creating a new wave of nicotine addicts in the country.

The date of the ban has yet to be announced.

Australian Vape Use Measures are Underway.

The Australian government have regulated vape use for a long time now. This regulation means that you may only use a vape product if you have a written prescription for it from your doctor. This also means that the Australian ban was technically already underway when the government gave this speech.

Though the Australian people should not use vapes without a prescription, the government pointed towards the widespread breaking of this rule. The market is flooded with illegal devices, shipped in from abroad. This war on vaping is evident across the world. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking – but only if you are using regulated, safe devices. The influx of foreign vapes causes damage by containing chemicals which are illegal. They may also contain parts which easily catch fire. This is a gigantic faux pas in Australia, where they have up to 60,000 bush fires every year.

The UK has a similar problem with the influx of underground market vapes. Although trading standards work hard to keep on top of illegal vapes in the UK, imports keep on coming. There is nothing we can do about harmful vape devices produced in other countries.

Extra Measures for Australian Vape Users

Extra proposed measures for Australian vape users includes removing them from corner stores, where children are enticed to buy the brightly coloured product as it is placed beside chocolate bars. The Health Minister says teen vaping is the #1 behavioural issue among high schoolers.

The authorities will ban disposables and crack down on non-prescription products. Packaging will become pharmaceutical and enticing flavours, colours, and packaging will be part of that ban. The reasoning given is that big tobacco companies have eliminated tobacco and found new ways to get this generations’ children hooked on nicotine. A firm stance, they say, is the only way to take back control.

Will the UK Ban Disposables?

Disposable vape devices are perfectly legal in the UK. Although there is a movement urging UKgov to ban these products, a solution as sharp as this is unlikely. Scotland have been considering a ban for months now, with environmental issues at the heart of the matter. England have no plans to ban vapes, with a review pending in November.

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Before Karen gets them banned.

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