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Vaping (Silly) Questions – Answered!


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New to vaping? Experienced but trying to study up? This article contains answers to the vaping questions that you were too scared to ask anyone. A little research always pays off.

Anyone new to the vaping world will have questions, it is only common sense. However, not all of those questions might be as sensible as you think. And nobody wants to be caught out asking silly questions.

It’s time to let go of your expectations and let your silly questions run loose.

Is your silly question not listed here? You can contact vape direct anonymously and ask away!

Questions You Are Too Afraid To Ask About Vaping

Let’s dive straight in and answer some of the questions you don’t want to ask in person. Here at Vape Direct, we are all about making our customer’s lives easier. Visit us in Milton Keynes or through our online vape shop today. Otherwise keep reading to answer those tricky questions nobody wants to ask.

Where is the charging port on my vape device?

There are two main places you find the charging port. It is either on the bottom of the overall device, possibly hidden under a base which slides aside, or it is in the middle of your device. E-cigarettes that charge in the middle unscrew at that middle point. You should find the charging point inside the handle part of your vape.

Will vaping make my teeth fall out?

No. You can find out more about vaping and your dental health in our previous articles.

Will vaping turn my teeth yellow?

Vaping might turn your teeth discoloured over time. It would take a significantly long time for them to do this, and the effects probably won’t be as bad as drinking coffee or red wine.

Is vaping as bad for you as smoking (UK)?

No. We have covered this extensively on the Vape Direct News Pages. Vaping is not harm free but does do 95% less harm to your body than smoking cigarettes. This is why vapes are an effective smoking cessation tool.

Will I get electrocuted if I drop my vape in the bath?

You should not use any electrical devices around water – which means no vaping in the shower or bath! At the worst case scenario you might electrocute yourself. At the best case scenario you might fry your vape’s motherboard. Either way it is a loss.

Do I have to vape? My friends want me to…

Absolutely not. If your friends in school are trying to pressure you into vaping, ask them why they are pressuring you. Explain that it makes you feel bad and ask them to stop. If they don’t stop, they might not be good friends after all.

On the other hand, if you are a 50 year old smoker and your friends are pressuring you to vape, then you should listen to your friends. It could drastically improve your health if you make the switch.

Do you need to be 18 to vape?

Yes, you legally must be the age of 18 before you can buy or use vape devices in the UK. Consider nicotine in the same way that you think about alcohol – with the exception being that it is far more addictive.

Not only are young people’s bodies still growing and developing before this, but we don’t have the long term studies into the health of teenagers who vape. Err on the side of caution and wait until you are 18.

Besides any health reasons, vaping before that is illegal. If you buy vapes from a store owner, you are risking their whole reputation and several thousand pounds worth of fines just to sell it to you. It’s not fair to put other people in that position just because you want to try something new.

What happens if you start vaping before 18?

This is a great question because nobody really knows yet. There are plenty of studies into what happens when you start smoking before the appropriate age and this is the model most people would answer you with. Since cigarettes are bad for your lung and brain development in childhood, so is vaping, right? Wrong.

The affect vaping could have on you if you start below the recommended age could stay with you into adulthood. Remember, vaping is less harmful than tobacco but still not entirely safe.