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The Xros 4 Mini Pod Kit from Vaporesso, Now Available in the Vape Direct Online Store


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You heard right! The newest version of Vaporesso’s famous mini pod kit has been rolled out in our online vape shop. Joining a long line of exquisite products from a brand that produces some of the steadiest quality vape devices on the UK market.

Let’s take an up-close-and-personal look at the new Xros 4 Mini and talk features, specs, and what to expect.

Best Features of the Xros 4 Mini Pod Kit

The Xros 4 Mini Pod Vape Kit gives great features for a great price. It may have a smooth aluminium finish and a hardy unibody design - but what features does the Xros 4 have?

Switch between MTL and RDTL

MTL and RDTL are both options with this multi-functional vape device. While MTL vaping lets you use the device like a smoker might inhale a cigarette, the RDL, or Restricted Direct To Lung vaping, allows you to progress from inhaling a vape device like a smoker to inhaling it like a vaper. Once you make that transition, you know you will never go back to cigarettes again.

Surprising Strength and Performance

The Xros 4 Mini Pod Kit comes with a 1000mAh battery and a charger capable of giving you that fast charge you have been craving. !000mAh is the sweet spot for the former smoker. It will hit you right in the throat and yet be smooth enough for a cough-free hit.

Corex 2.0 Technology to Improve Efficiency and Durability

Corex 2.0 technology is the latest in first gen tech which fine tunes your vape device. This cool technology allows for optimal temperature adjustments, faster heating, and better taste. The creative team at Vaporesso also added new cotton to the wicks which is there to prevent the possibility of a dry hit and enhance the production of flavour.

Simple Battery Indication System

If the LED light is green, your device is ready. If it is blue, it is on but not ready yet, and if it is red, your device is off or needs to be charged.

Compact, Discreet, & Stylish

Overall, the compact design, smooth finish, and sturdy modelling make this an excellent starter vape kit. It doesn’t end with style, but it doesn’t hurt to be the person everyone keeps asking where they bought their new vape kit from. All that attention just feels nice.

The Specifications

You can expect the following suitably impressive specifications from the new and improved Xros Mini:

  • 1000mAh built-in battery
  • Corex 2.0 technology
  • 1A USB-C fast charging system
  • LED battery light indication in green, blue, and red.
  • Option of loose airflow or tight airflow
  • Axon Chipset for enhanced responsiveness
  • Full compatibility with the rest of the Xros series, including pods in different coil strengths.
  • Different colour selections, including Black, Space Grey, Champagne-Gold, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Ice Pink, and Ice Purple.

What Do You Get In The Box?

The Vaporesso Xros 4 Mini Pod Kit comes with the device itself the primary product within the box. You also receive a pre-integrated 0.4 Ohm XROS pod. You will also receive your user manual – which we recommend you read thoroughly – and a super-fast charging cable.

Put all of these together, add a little vape juice, and you are good to go. Check out our full range of e-liquids here.

An Affordable, Durable, Flexible Vape Device

Let’s start by looking at the price. This is a very affordable mini pod kit which you can buy replacement pods for from our online store. We keep our vape device prices low and our quality high to ensure we have a vape device that suits every budget.

“Our Advice? The Xros 4 Mini Pod Kit is a Great Vape for Beginners and Vape Users Switching from MTL to RDL.”

The Fourth Xros Mini pod kit comes in on the affordable end of the budget. Suitable for vapers first starting out or those who want a solid, reliable, long-lasting vape to guide them smoothly through the switch from MTL to DTL.

Shop for the Xros 4 Mini Pod Kit with

There are multiple reasons to shop for vape devices just like the Xros 4 in our UK-based online store. If you live within the Milton Keynes area, we can offer same day delivery on orders over £10 which you place before 3pm. If you live in Buckingham the same rule applies, but you must place your orders before 1PM for same day delivery. We even offer FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £20 – so there’s no reason not to buy your pods in advance.