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The Vaporesso XROS Cube Kit


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Compact vape devices just got an overhaul and it’s all gone square.

Famous vaping brand Vaporesso released the Xros cube kit back in January of 2024. Designed to be a marked all round improvement on their previous products, the cube kit comes with advanced technology and a whole new take on vaping research and development.

The Vaporesso Xros Cube Kit

This vape device was designed to take the world of pod kits into the world of easy to use vapes. Previously, many E-cigarettes were designed in the shape of pens or cigarettes. The disposable devices and smaller vape kits are long and sleek, fitting into your hand in a similar way to a cigarette or a pen.

The Xros cube kit from Vaporesso is encouraging users to experiment with the squarer shapes of vaping which you might otherwise associate with open tank systems or mod kits.

The Xros uses a compact cube design for mouth to lung (MTL)  vaping. The newest member of the Xros series, this device comes with new heating technology, adjustable airflow, and precision flavour that they say lasts up to 50% longer.

Xros cube pods are compatible with Vaporesso’s existing pods, which are also compatible with other models within the series. This makes refilling your device easier to do, and you don’t have to hunt long and hard for pre-filled pods.

Other features of the extra's cube kit include:

  • A2 after adjustable airflow
  • 900 mAh battery capacity
  • Available in a range of bright colours including Cyber Green and Sakura Pink
  • The device is half the size of a typical e-cigarette
  • Vaporesso have introduced bottom lighting making the whole device visible all the way around.
  • The device comes with both a 0.8 mesh pod and a 1.2 pod for a full 20 day lifespan.
  • Anti leak technology
  • 40 plus hours of battery life
  • -And it even comes with a lanyard!

Now that we know what to expect from the Xros, let's take a look at what people are saying about it.

Reviews Of The Xros Cube Kit By Vaporesso

Critics from across the vaping industry have been positively charmed by the Xros cube kit. Key selling points include its remarkable ease of use. It is user friendly, perfect for the new vaper, and it has an inbuilt function which allows you to monitor your e-liquid levels at any given time.

Vaporesso Xros cube kit has also been praised for its vivid attention to flavour. The new heating technology contained within the coil allows the pre filled pods to heat e-liquid to the desired consistency to produce wonderful clouds of vapour which rival larger models.

Let's not forget that 40-hour-plus battery life either. It is impressive to look back at how battery technology enhancements are changing and powering the vape industry.

The fact that the cube kit is brilliant compatibility with other devices in the Xros range means that you have access to a wider choice of flavours than you might have with another new device.

Xros Cube Kit Now Available in Online Store

If you want to purchase the Vaporesso cube kit from a reliable UK vape supplier, then look no further than Visit us in store at one of our Milton Keynes branches to examine products up close. If you've already decided that the cube kit is what you want in vaping technology then you can order your new product online here from our vaping shop.

Remember that we also supply a range of disposable vape kits and advanced vape devices should you need more choice in your new vape kit.

Do we recommend the Xbox cube kit by Vaporesso? Of course we do. We only sell products that we have full confidence in.

And Vaporesso are one of the best brands in the business.