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The Top Sub Ohm Devices for 2024


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Shopping for a vape device which matches your skills as an experienced vaper? These sub ohm capable devices could boost your vaping game.

Whether you want to upgrade your vape device or make the switch from MTL to DTL, a sub ohm vaping device will do the trick. A sub ohm vape device is a vape which uses a coil with an electrical resistance of less than one ohm. That’s less than a single unit of electricity.

Why Switch to Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vape devices are perfect for Direct to Lung vaping. This is when you breathe in and take the vapour straight to your lungs, without letting it rest in your mouth. As an ex-smoker, resting the vapour in your mouth feels natural. Once you are an experienced vape user, though, that pause becomes unnecessary.

Sub ohm vaping is a wise choice for those who want to produce massive clouds of vapour. It works for cloud chasing – that’s vape tricks – and for competitive vaping. Since less electricity is used to produce less heat, the vape juice stays cool. This means a better taste on the way out and a bigger cloud of vapour once you do.

The Top Sub Ohm Vape Devices of 2024

These are our most popular sub ohm capable vape devices available through Choose your favourite and don’t forget to stock up on replacement coils and vape juice while you are here.

Most Flexible: Geekvape B60 (Boost 2) Pod Kit

Although not new to our stores, this Geekvape model has been a steady seller since its release in the Vape Direct online shop. The B60 Boost 2 is made from a dense alloy which is dust and debris resistant. You can buy it through our store with replacement pods or coils, and it comes in a pretty mint green colour, as well as red, silver, black, and rainbow.

What makes the B60 Boost 2 so flexible is its ability to take coils of 02-2.0 ohms. This means you can use it for MTL, DTL, and even RDTL vaping. It’s a nice go between for those not convinced if DTL vaping is for them yet. Give it a try.

Most Affordable: Innokin T20S Vape Kit

We suggest you buy this vape device in rainbow, since nobody ever has enough colour in their lives. The Innokin Endura T2os vape kit is a brilliant starter kit for those making that switch to sub ohm kits. It has a powerful battery at 1500mAh, an 18w output, and is even capable of using MTL coils, so if you don’t like DTL you can always go back. Perfect.

Biggest Impact: Vaporesso Gen 200 iTank 2 Edition Vape Kit

You want a device that packs a punch? Then you want the Vaporesso Gen 200 iTank second ed. This comes with easy filling, a Turbo airflow system, and uses the GTI coil system which most Vaporesso gen devices use. It comes with the lightest dual battery on the market, a powerful Axon Chip, and a fair amount more technology than the Innokin uses. It also switches in coil sizes, has a TFT screen, and may or may not issue the bat signal.

Newest Arrival: SMOK RPM 5 Pod Vape Kit

This refillable pod kit comes with the option of adding both replacement coils and replacement empty pods. You can get these in black or grey leather, or in a stunning prism rainbow if you still need a splash of colour. This is a compact sub ohm capable device with a 2000mAh battery. It has super-fast charging, mess-free pod refilling, and has adjustable airflow for all your sub ohm needs.

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