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SKE Crystal Bar Disposables at

SKE Crystal Bar Disposables at

Following the recent news regarding disposable vapes, Vape Direct have added a new brand of disposable vape device to their product range.

SKE Crystal Bar products have landed on Vape Direct shelves. You can pick up a SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape device instore or in our celebrated online vape shop. These square shaped vapes have boomed in popularity recently. It seems to be the favoured replacement for Elfbar products which have been removed from shelves in some supermarket shelves. Although you can still by bona fide Elfbar and Lost Mary vapes through our UK based online vape shop, perhaps it is time you can SKE a chance?

What are SKE Crystal Vapes?

SKE Crystal vapes first launched in China in 2013, under the Sikary brand.. Since then, they have grown in popularity to conquer the global market. Released in the UK in 2022, these Crystal Vape Devices are all over the UK right now. Sikary own over 180 intellectual property rights on manufacturing e-cigarettes. The Crystal bars use nicotine salts for that concentrated flavour hit. They are non-rechargeable and, with their clear outer shell and inner burst of colour, you can even match them to their outfit. Limited at 20mg nicotine as per UK law, these pre-filled disposables have the flavour hit you have been looking for.

Are Crystal vapes better than Elfbar?

In the UK, Elfbar products experienced a leap in popularity between 2021 and 2022. The company’s profit margin leaped up 700% in a single year…A similar leap in popularity as what SKE Crystal vapes are currently experiencing. Considering their launch was a year ago, SKE Crystal vapes have been the shooting stars of 2023 so far. With the controversy currently surrounding some Elfbar products, SKE Crystal vapes are emerging as their lead contender.

What is the most popular disposable vape in the UK?

At the moment, Elfbar are slipping in popularity for a mix up in supplied parts to the UK. Some devices were overfull, leading to an accidental break of UK vape device regulations. In the small space left while they rectify the situation, SKE Crystal disposable vape pens have snuck in the back door.

You can buy many different flavours of SKE disposable, making them a hot contender for first place as most popular disposable vape in the UK. These tasty flavours include:

With more on the way. And remember, these products contain nicotine and are only suitable for those over the age of 18. Just because they look colourful does not mean they are made for teens. There is also the Elux Legend series of disposable vapes as another Elfbar alternative.

Buy Crystal SKE Disposable Vapes Online

Our UK vape shop – – have multiple stores based in Milton Keynes and Buckingham. You can visit us to order Crystal vapes online or your can visit us in store. We have a good selection of flavours plus other disposables, should you want another brand. When you want to level up to a refillable device, you can visit us for your first pod kit, vape kit, and beginner e-liquids. We even sell vape mods for the advanced vape user.

Buy Crystal Vapes from Vape Direct Now and Mix and Match with Elf Bar and Lost Mary – Any 2 for £10.

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