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Leighton Buzzard and – Helping Vapers Vape since 2012 - Vape Direct

Leighton Buzzard and – Helping Vapers Vape since 2012

We regularly support vapers in Leighton Buzzard by selling high quality vape juices, electronic cigarettes, and more.

Leighton Buzzard has been a popular fixture in the Bedfordshire countryside ever since before they opened the Grand Union Canal. However, this era marked an important turning point that defined the Industrial Revolution in the UK. Leighton Buzzard contributed hugely to British progress back in the day. The modern town is thriving, architecturally beautiful, and situated in some of the UK’s prettiest countryside.

With so much working for this medieval market town, it’s clear why Vape Direct have a home here. Although our nearest stores are in the Milton Keynes and Stacey Bushes areas, we offer an astounding delivery service that sees countless Leighton Buzzard residents flock to our online vaping shop. With 24 hour tracked delivery available and great discounts on multi-buy vape products, it’s no wonder we are a top choice for our friends in Bedfordshire.

Getting to Know Leighton Buzzard

First of all: Leighton Buzzard takes the first part of its name from Old English and the ‘Buzzard’ part from a Dean of the church who ran the diocese in the 1100s. Uniquely named though it is, the town made its initial fortune from producing and selling sand. One of the most famous parts of the town is the 190 foot All Saints Church Spire, which you can see from anywhere in the area. The town is famous for its proximity to the Chiltern Hills, where you have endless opportunities to get out there and explore.

Modern Leighton Buzzard has a population of 40,000 people. It is a canal town, market town, and home to the Rothschild family. While the town oozes history, we find that Leighton Buzzard residents are jovial, friendly, and well-used to the tourists that descend here every summer.

The Top Leighton Buzzard Attractions

Leighton Buzzard is a haven for tourists because of the surrounding countryside. It’s a beautiful area that is just close enough to our Milton Keynes vape stores for you to pop in when supplies are low. Here are the attractions in town that the locals suggest you see:

Can I Buy Vape Devices, Vape Juices, and Spare Parts, in Leighton?

You can find our nearest vape shop in Milton Keynes. However, we offer that 24 hour tracked delivery service for clients that live farther afield. You can buy vape device parts, such as coils, tanks, and replacement batteries through us. We also stock all types of Nic salts, vape juices, and e-liquids. Browse our UK based online vape shop here for more.

Why are Vape Direct Stores the Bedfordshire Favourite?

Our startling array of vape juice choices sets us apart from the rest. So does our ability to provide customers with guidance on what vape products are right for them. We know that ex-smokers need tougher vape devices and that beginners need less nicotine. If you visit one of our branches, we will happily go into your specific needs in detail.

We offer discounts and bulk buy deals as standard, so that you can enjoy vaping without the added costs. Don’t forget that you can get free same day delivery from inside Milton Keynes, should you live near us.

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