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How to Fix Vape Juice Coming Through Your Mouthpiece Issue


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Your vape should not taste like liquid in your mouth. If it does, this is a sign that your mouthpiece has e-liquid inside it.

If vape juice keeps coming up through your mouthpiece then you will have a terrible vaping experience. While some causes may produce hot liquid which has been heated before it comes up through the piece, other instances of vape juice in the mouthpiece involve cold juice coming through the piece. Both problems have different fixes.

Never fear. As usual Vape Direct are here with the answers to your vaping problems. This article details what you can do to prevent mouthpiece vape juice in your device – whether that e-liquid is hot or cold.

Why Is Vape Juice coming through My Mouthpiece?

Vape juice is coming through your mouthpiece for one of two reasons. These reasons depend on whether or not the vape juice is hot or cold.

Cold Vape Juice

The most common cause of cold vape juice in your mouthpiece is a coil malfunction.

It could be that you just installed a new coil and it is not secured correctly. It could be that you did not saturate that coil before you tried to use it. Ensure you drip vape juice directly onto the coil and try again.

It may be that your old coil is beyond use and needs replacing. You can browse our full range of vape device coils here for a new coil.

Hot Vape Juice

If your vape device is spitting hot vape juice through the mouthpiece, it may be down to your vaping technique. Try the following things:

  • Take shorter puffs
  • Puff with less frequency
  • Inhale with less vigour
  • Dab the coil with a paper towel or remove it for a while and let it dry. It could be flooded.
  • Change your coil for a new one if none of the above work

Hot vape juice is more dangerous than cold vape juice. Not only does it spit hot liquid at you, but you also have the added nicotine toxin. You can rinse out your mouth with cold or cold, salted water to help.

Remember that you should thoroughly clean your vape device once in a while too. This keeps your mouthpiece free from debris, giving a cleaner vape experience. You can find out more about How To Clean Your Vape Tank through the Vape Room 101.

What Happens if You Get Vape Juice in Your Mouth?

Vape juice tastes terrible in its raw form. It is not necessarily toxic, although a high nicotine level will increase the toxicity. It is typically not dangerous to get vape juice in your mouth, providing you bought a vape device which conforms to UK vape regulations.

If you get vape juice in your mouth, wipe it away with a clean cloth. You may wish to gargle with some warm salted water to get rid of any stray liquid. However, we don’t recommend using an alcohol-based mouthwash to avoid mixing chemicals.

Ingesting small amounts of vape juice may not be particularly harmful, but that does not mean it is safe to ingest in any other way than that which is described on the packaging. If you think you have accidentally ingested too much of it, then get to the emergency department and tell the doctors. Take the bottle with you so that they can see the ingredients and determine whether or not you are poisoned.

My Vape is Still Spitting Juice – What To Do Next?

If you cannot fix your vape device when it starts to spit liquid at you, then it may be time to buy a new vape device. You can browse our excellent range of top-rated vape devices and pod kits online or shop with us in our Milton Keynes/ Stacey Bushes stores today.