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How to Clean, Maintain, and Change Your Pod Kit Vape Device How to Clean, Maintain, and Change Your Pod Kit Vape Device > How to Clean, Maintain, and Change Your Pod Kit Vape Device

How to Clean, Maintain, and Change Your Pod Kit Vape Device

Did you choose to switch from smoking to a pod kit? Good choice.

A pod vape kit works well for ex-smokers trying to make the switch to vaping. Pod kits are mouth-to-lung vapes, which means you breath the vapour into your mouth, hold it there, and then breath it in. This is the same motion as smoking a cigarette and doesn’t leave you with a massive cloud of vapour.

Now that you are on your path to stopping smoking with vapes, you need to know how to maintain and clean your pod kit, as well as how to replace those pods. Read on for all you need to know – including advice on the best place to buy a pod kit in the UK.

A Brief Overview of Your New Pod Vape

A pod vape is called this because it comes with small pods of vape juice which you can clip into the device itself. This saves the mess of refilling and allows you exactly the correct amount of e-liquid to provide a satisfying vaping experience. Otherwise, the pod vape has a mouthpiece, battery pack, tank, and on/off button just like any standard vape device. The largest difference is in the style of vaping you use when you vape it. Also, pod vape devices are closer to disposables in size and shape, whereas vape kits tend to be larger.

The Parts of Your Pod Kit

Your Pod Vape will come with few parts. There will be a charger cable, it may be to a USB or it may have a plug. Your kit will come with a battery pack and a tank which you clip your pod of vape juice into. These parts may be connected or may be separate. On connected devices, the charging port is likely to be on the bottom of the device. If the pod vape device comes in two parts, the battery charging point is likely towards the centre.

How to Clean Your Pod Kit

Your pod kit comes apart into the pieces it arrives in. When you have a traditional open tank or mod vape system, you must take apart the mouthpiece and tank to clean them once in a while. With a pod kit which you do not pour liquids into, the cleaning is far easier.

Take a cotton bud and wipe it around the outer edge of where your replacement pod clips into your device. You can use a damp cotton bud for particularly stubborn dirt. You can wipe the handle with a damp cloth, too. If your mouthpiece comes apart, you can clean this with some warm water.

How often should you clean your pod vape device?

You should clean your pod vape device every time you change it to keep it working well. If not, at least change it every time you change flavour. Keeping it clean will stop any crossover between flavours of vape juice pods.

How to Replace Pods in Your Vape Kit

The pod replacement process is different for every device, but always the same in principle. There will be a part of your vape which opens to allow you to remove the old empty pod. Find the tank and you should find the access point to the pod. Remove it and replace it with the new one. If you are still stuck, refer to your manufacturer’s instructions which should be inside the box.

How often should you change to a replacement pod?

You should replace the pod every time an old one runs out. You shouldn’t really have these open for longer than five days but do check the manufacturer’s instructions. You ought to replace the coil every time you change between vape juice flavours. We sell both replacement pods for vape devices and replacement coils at

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