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Can Vaping Stain Your Walls?


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Those who have replaced cigarettes with vape devices will want to know whether or not the devices are as bad for their home décor as cigarettes were. Part of the impact cigarettes had on our lives was not just on our physical persons but also on the homes that we live in.

Cigarette staining is known to cause a yellow residue on white painted walls. This residue can be cleaned off or painted over but is reflective of what is happening to the inside of your lungs when you smoke.

Can vaping cause that same yellow residue? Let's find out.

Why Do Cigarettes Stain?

Cigarette staining doesn’t just happen because of the nicotine within your cigarette. Nicotine staining comes from the combination of chemicals kept within those cigarettes. Each unlit cigarette has around 4000 chemicals which increases to as many as 7000 chemicals when lit. When you combine these with the tar that is found in cigarette tobacco, you start to build a picture of how cigarette smoking can turn your walls and ceilings yellow.

Can vaping do the same? We discuss this below.

Can Vaping Stain Your Walls?

Vape devices contain very few chemicals when compared side by side to cigarette smoking. Since there are far fewer chemicals, it is therefore less likely that vape juice will eventually stain your walls yellow.

It is possible that using a vape device will cause a thin layer of vape juice residue to build up on your home decor over time. This residue may or may not be yellow, but it is theorised that it is more likely to be clear in line with the colours used in vape juices today.

While scientists and vape manufacturers admit that e-juice can stain the teeth if used over a long period of time, the effects of tooth staining is far less than what would occur if the subjects smoked instead.

Another plus side of this is that changing from smoking to vaping will increase the pleasantness of the aroma in your rooms. Smoking comes with a stale cigarette smell which clings to those walls and to fabrics. On the other hand, vape juice can smell like blueberries, cake, or fresh flowers. So even if you do leave trace residues of a juice on your walls through constant vape use, it won't smell nearly as bad as what a smoker’s house might smell like.

Can Vaping Stain Your Teeth?

The answer to this is similar to whether or not vaping can stain your walls. There is little evidence to suggest that vaping will stain your teeth yellow over time although it is possible.

The main causes of issues between vaping and dental treatment actually depends upon the lack of oxygen that gets to the gums. It is this lack of oxygen which causes dry mouth and can complicate dental procedures in future. You can read more about the relationship between vaping and your teeth in our previous article.

Conclusion: Does Vaping Stain Your Walls?

Although vaping may leave a residue on your walls it is unlikely to cause yellow staining in the same way as what cigarettes may once have done. If you think it is time to give up cigarettes and switch out to a vape device then we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us through this page or you can shop online for starter vape liquid's and innovate devices to help you on your journey to quitting smoking. Visit us to shop for e-liquids and pod kits today.

Both your walls and your family will thank you for it.