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Vaping Etiquette – Are You Doing it Right?

Etiquette experts Dubreck have updated their etiquette guide on how to vape without being rude. The original guide, developed back in 2017, taught us all about how to politely inquire if the area was vape friendly. It taught us about how to refill in public and where and when it was unacceptable to vape in the first place.

After years of vaping in the UK, Dubreck have teamed up with Vuse to recreate this same guide many years later. It was time for an update on etiquette. Here is what they had to say…

The Vape Etiquette Guide

Here are the top tips on vaping etiquette that Dubreck came up with.

Vape Rule #1 – Ask First

If, at any point, you think you might not be able to smoke in the present company, place, or at that time, then you should just ask. It really is as simple as that. If you are not sure if your new best friend likes being around a vaper or not, just ask. Not sure if you can vape at the airport? Just ask. This simple trick makes you accommodate instead of rude.

Vape Rule #2 – Don’t Blow Vapour in People’s Faces

This one ought to go without saying but you shouldn’t blow vapour into someone’s face. You should not do this at all, but if you are walking with or hanging out with a person and you do this, it’s extra rude. Be careful where you put your steam on the streets. Blowing over your shoulder is a sure way to attract a Karen over your shoulder, coughing miserably and telling you how vaping killed their budgie.

Vape Rule #3 – Know When to Fold ‘em.

This is a simple rule that you can apply to all aspects of your life. If you are talking someone’s ear off about vaping and they show little to no interest: stop talking. It’s no fun for others when you have a conversation to yourself all the time.

Vape Rule #4 – No Vaping at the Dinner Table

Again, this one should be basic good manners. Don’t bring your vape out when everyone is enjoying the desert course. Seriously. You wouldn’t whip out a cigarette and start blowing it all over your meal, so don’t do it with vaping. That air has been inside your lungs. Just don’t do it.

Vape Rule #5 – Don’t Vape at Work

This is a bit strange. You shouldn’t stop work to go vape and, if you were in the building, you would have to go outside to the smoking zone. What makes you think that it is OK to hit your vape while you are on a remote call, then? Unless your boss says it is OK, vaping on video chat is an awful idea. Worse though – it’s officially now bad etiquette.

Vape Rule #7 – It’s all About Respect

At the end of the day, vaping etiquette is the same as any other form of etiquette. If you do not respect others, then there is no point in engaging etiquette skills. Although some believe that etiquette is what sets us apart from the animals, others believe they have the right to occupy all the space, all the time. Be respectful to your hosts and to the owners of the buildings you are in. Otherwise, it’s just plain bad vaping.

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