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Butter Mints by Bar Juice 5000

Original price £4.99 - Original price £4.99
Original price £4.99
£4.99 - £4.99
Current price £4.99
Nicotine Strength: 10MG

Get ready to indulge in the nostalgic sweetness of Bar Juice 5000 Butter Mints. This creamy, buttery vape juice delivers a sophisticated blend of flavors, perfect for satisfying your cravings or as a delicious party favor. With each bite, your taste buds will be left longing for more of this delectable treat. Try it now!

Made with the same flavours and synthetic nicotine as your favourite disposables, Bar Juice is formulated with 50%VG / 50%PG and available in 20mg & 10mg.

Bar Juice is a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to your favourite Elf/Geek/Elux bars and can be used in any low powered pod or starter vape kit.

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