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What’s the Best Riot Squad Product?

We investigated the background behind this vape brand and explored some of the excellent products they have on offer.

Riot Squad are categorically up there with Vape Direct customers’ favourite brands in vape juice. They produce nicotine salts and e-liquids that have acquired a massive fanbase over the years, having been producing great quality vape juice for years now. We wanted to know all there is to know about this illustrious vape juice brand, just for you. So stay tuned and let’s learn about Riot Squad together.

Who are Riot Squad Vaping?

Riot Squad vaping began their journey in 2016. Ben Johnson, the CEO of Riot Labs, is the owner of the company. Riot Squad are a series of e-liquid short fills made by Riot Labs, who also make a range of other vaping delights. Currently the company delivers their delicious vape juices to 14 countries around the world and counting. They aim to expand to become a worldwide brand in time. Riot e-liquid, their parent company. are slightly larger, operating in 50+ countries around the world.

Riot Squad vaping also produce the Nic Salts we all know and love. Riot Squad nic salts give us a good hit of nicotine. The version sold by Riot Squad is known as Riot Salts. They are made from 50% salt based nicotine and 50% freebase nicotine.

Riot E-liquids encourage all users to quit smoking using their great products. They certainly offer incentive to do so. Given their multiple diverse types of liquid and their thousands of flavours, Riot Squad are a company that we should all admire. All that said, what sort of products do they sell through the Vape Direct store that could be of interest to you?

What sort of Products do Riot Squad Vaping sell?

What sort of products can you choose from with Riot Squad? Here are our favourites.

Riot Squad QBAR Products

These are the disposable version of Riot vapes. They don’t do large format vape devices, but the QBAR range offers all manner of tastes for you to indulge in. They last for an estimated 550 puffs a product here. It’s the great way to vape on a night out if you are just a social user. They come in every variety from plain old tobacco through to grape.

Punx Nic Salts

Punx nicotine salts are a product of Riot Squad’s and produce some epic flavours and bursts of nicotine. There are loads of flavours available, with VG/PG ratings of 50/50. They come in 10 mg and 20 mg nicotine strengths so they are not for the feint of heart. We like Banana, Raspberry & Dragon Fruit, but you can have standard flavours like blackcurrant watermelon, too.


Last but by no means least, you can indulge in some Riot S:ALT. This is their own make of nicotine salts in more appropriate flavours. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, but you might enjoy Lemon Mint or Blueberry.

Is Riot Squad the Vape Juice Brand for You?

If you don’t fancy any of the many wonderful options offered by Riot Squad, there are many other vape brands on our website. Browse the Vape Direct store for more.


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