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You can buy Wick Liquor E-liquids. Shortfills and Nic Salts at Vape Direct. But why should you buy them? what makes them so good? we investigate further and share some of our own thoughs on this well know UK brand

What are the Best Wick Liquor Products?

We investigated the Wick Liquor brand to find out if their products are right for you or not. Read on for the lowdown…

All those who have no experience in the vaping scene might not have heard of this wonderful e-liquid brand. Wick Liquor are a popular choice among the discerning vape user, providing lots of options in high quality vape juice. We decided it was high time we investigated the backbone behind this illustrious brand, to give our clients a glimpse as to what to expect from them.

So sit back, inhale, and relax, as we take a tour of Wick Liquor products. Who are they, what do they make, and where can we get some? We will answer all your questions in time.

Who is Wick Liquor?

Wick Liquor E-Juice Co. are UK based purveyors of fine quality vape juices. This is the brand that launched some serious contenders for popular flavours, such as Deja Voodoo and Contra. They use a VG:PG ratio of 80% to 20% for their vape juices, meaning they are excellent for direct to lung vaping, instead of pod vaping or M2L.

Wick Liquor make products that suit a high powered vape device. If you are using an open tank system on a lower strength kit, you will find they offer a smooth smoke that doesn’t kick the back of your throat. Although ex-smokers do not favour this, those who have only ever vaped love the D2L experience.

Wick Liquor see themselves as a boutique of vape juices. Their juices are known for being full of flavour and super tasty. Let’s review some of the best products that Wick Liquor provide, to give you a better idea of what they produce and why clients love them.

What are the best Wick Liquor Products?

Wick Liquor produce some well-known flavours that come in different sizes of bottle. They even produce 150ml bottles of premium flavour e-liquid to make sure their customers can be environmentally conscious vape users. Here are some of the best known products they sell.

Deja Voodoo Flavour E-Juice

Deja Voodoo tastes like coconut husk mixed with sugar cane. It’s the right amount of sweet for those with a sweet tooth, and it gives you a unique vape experience. We sell 150ml shortfill bottles of this flavouring. Simply add three shots of nicotine to it to activate and enjoy. We also sell the 10ml bottles for those that don’t want to mix it themselves.

Contra Flavour E-Juice

Contra flavoured e-juice comes in no-nicotine or regular varieties. We sell it in the 150ml shortfill version, too. This juice tastes like citrus fruits, pomegranates, sugar, and lemon juice. It’s the VG/PG 80/20 ratio we are familiar with and the 0% nicotine comes with one free nic shot for each big bottle sold.

Boulevard Flavour E-Liquid

The Miyako Range

The Miyako range follows Japanese yoghurt flavours with startling accuracy. They are Kurimu Yoghurt based tastes, each with a different fruit-based flavour. The forest fruits blend is increasingly popular, as is the Apricot Miyako Yoghurt flavour.

Wick Liquor Nic Salts

Let’s not forget that this innovative brand is behind a stunning range of nic salts, too. You can get all of their favourite flavours in nic salts version, but look out for their carnival mix.

Are Wick Liquor the Vape Juice Brand for You?

Whether you love Wick Liquor or hate them, you can’t argue that they don’t do a fantastic job in providing us with lots of options in e-liquids. If you don’t think they are the brand for you, that’s fine! There are plenty of other products to choose from in the Vape Direct online vaping shop.

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