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How to Compete in a Vape Competition

Vaping Competitions in the UK are a growing industry. Read on to learn about competitive vaping and how it all works.

Vape competitions are a phenomenon nobody expected but represent an exciting way to show off your skills. These competitions provide experienced vape users the chance to compete trick for trick with other experienced vapers. To get involved, you need a mod device or a sub ohm capable of keeping up with the competition, a can-do attitude, and enough self-confidence to know you can win.

FYI the professionals call vape competitions “Cloud Chasing,” which is a great way to describe the events.

What Happens During a Vape Competition?

The events vary based on location and international trends. Usually, a cloud chasing competition has three or more rounds. In no particular order, we can divide these into competitive mod showcasing, vape trick battles, and who can blow the biggest cloud of steam. Depending on how well you place, prizes range from gift vouchers for vape companies to thousands in prize money. As UK cloud chasing competitions pick up speed, the prizes get better.

Up until fairly recently, these cloud chasing competitions took part in the States, in the far east, and in Europe. As we enjoy more competitions in the UK, cloud chasing is one its way to becoming a world-wide competitive sport.

Where do you Find Vape Competitions in the UK?

If you search for UK competitive vaping or UK Cloud Chasing, you should get a few hits for vaping competitions near you. Otherwise have a look at some of these international events:

  • Keep an eye on the Competition Cloud Sports Leagues for nearby events.
  • The Euroactive vape competition is online and begins in February 2023
  • The Alt Pro Expo is in Florida in March
  • The Vaper Expo UK is one of the places you can show off.
  • As is the VapeJam competition.
  • Let’s not neglect the Global Vape Olympics, either.

Where to Buy Vape Devices and Juice Strong Enough for Vape Competitions?

There is a global argument over whether a high VG or a high PG liquid will work best. Remember, the higher the level of VG:PG ratios, the more powerful the device you will need. Some claim that a VG:PG of 70:30 is best for competitive vaping, but play around with different strengths of e-liquid to find your ideal. We offer 3 for £5 and 4 for £10 on different types of popular e-liquids.

As for your device, to take part in a Cloud chasing competition, the bigger and stronger, the better. The Geekvape Aegis Mini 2 is a great model if you want something with slightly less size to practice with. It can even hold it’s own in a competition. With a 2500mAh capacity built-in battery, it comes with temperature control and bypass, and it’s a little sleeker than the big brother. If you want to up your game, progress onto the Geekvape Aegis Legend, which packs a bit more punch.

If you can’t afford a powerful mod kit until you get more experienced, the Vape Direct Mod kit comes with enough power to get you started blowing big clouds. It comes with a battery too, so you save there on top of an already affordable mod kit.

Finally, the Eleaf range have some powerful mod devices to get you competing in cloud chasing competitions. The Eleaf iStick T80w is perfect for giant clouds. That 80w means low coil resistance and therefore better clouds on the exhale. Just when you think this mod with display screen, a single fire button and an LED screen, couldn’t get any better, they went and released a second, more developed product. The Eleaf iStick Power 2 is bigger, stronger, and comes with a 5000mAh battery. That’s insane power. Use it wisely.

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