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How Often Should You Charge Your Vape Device’s Battery?


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Worried that your vape device’s battery isn’t performing as well as it used to? This article explains what is normal for charging your vape and what is not.

Getting to know your vape device is part of the parcel of developing your experience in vaping. Every device is slightly different, be it in colour, shape, performance, or vaping style. Mastering the world of vaping means learning the different facets of each difference that they have. In an industry where every brand is in tough competition to outdo one another, a friendly vape company like Vape Direct is a key tool in understanding it all.

What to Expect from a Vape Battery

Your vape battery is almost always within the handle of the vape kit you choose. This is even true of disposable vapes. You cannot recharge a disposable vape device (hence the name), but you can recharge reusable devices. This makes them better for the environment and for your vaping ease long term.

Your vape battery will degrade over time. This is true of all lithium-ion batteries until technology advances. Fortunately, they do not degrade in the same way as the old copper batteries did. The original mobile phones used copper batteries. If you charged your phone at 80% every evening then that battery would behave like it only had until 80% before it died. Modern vape batteries don’t do this, although they do have a limited number of recharges before they start to misbehave.

The number of recharges a typical vape device has between 3-500 recharges before it starts to fail.

How to Tell When A Battery Is Failing?

Your vape device will become unreliable. You may find that you have to charge it more and more often during the day. You will find that leaving the device n the charger for hours at a time has no impact on the short amount of charge that it has.

If your vape battery is failing it will drastically impact your vaping experience in the negative. You won’t enjoy it as much. You are far likelier to experience juice coming up through the mouthpiece since the battery is no longer functioning well enough to heat the liquid into a gaseous state.

If any of these signs occur, it is important to replace your battery before it fails on you unexpectedly.

Use = Energy Expenditure

Remember that the amount you vape will impact the amount of charges that your device needs. If you use it frequently, all day long, the battery will run down quickly. If you use your vape device sparingly, your battery will last longer. However, it will start to run out by itself a little over time.

What is a Normal Amount of Charging for Your Vape Device?

A normal amount of charging is once per day. Any more than this and you may need to replace your vape’s battery. You can shop for new vape batteries online at or you can contact your manufacturer for a new battery. Remember – only buy batteries which are compatible with your vape device.

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