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Can You Take Your Vape on an Aeroplane? - Vape Direct Can You Take Your Vape on an Aeroplane? - Vape Direct > Can You Take Your Vape on an Aeroplane? - Vape Direct

Can You Take Your Vape on an Aeroplane?

Going on holiday this year and wondering if you can take your vape device on the plane with you? We have the answers.

With more and more restrictions being placed on items that we can carry onto the aeroplane with us, it’s no wonder that there is some confusion over the transportation of vape devices. We wonder if we can take them since they are technically devices that heat up. They could explode under cabin pressure – or at least that is the worry that goes through our minds while we are packing.

The short answer is that yes, you can take your vape device on holiday with you. Let’s look at the different facets of the argument, however, to see if we can answer your questions.

Unsure About Vaping on Holiday?

Many of us resort to leaving our vapes behind and buying new devices when we arrive abroad. We don’t need to remind you that other countries have different regulations over acceptable ingredients in vape juice. The reason that we have less associated lung problems with vaping in the UK than America does, is that they still allow Diacetyl, the product that causes popcorn lung, into their vape juices. They use a worse chemical called vitamin E acetate, which causes acute vaping related illnesses. All of these chemicals are banned in the EU and in the UK.

Is it safe to buy vape juice abroad?

If you go on holiday and leave your vape behind as the solution, you leave yourself open to potentially dangerous vape juices. This depends on the regulations in the country you are visiting. We recommend that you do your research to find out what is allowed in your destination country, and what is not allowed in their vape juices.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe to buy vape juice abroad. In fact, EU regulations on the sale and consumption of vape juices are similar to those issued by the UK government. They share the maximum bottle size and maximum nicotine content (10ml/20mg.) The EU have quality requirements on vape devices too, making it safe to buy devices there. Outside of the EU and in the USA especially, the rules differ. Always check before you travel if your plan is to leave your vape device at home.

Are Disposable Vape Pens on Holiday Safe to Use?

If you are visiting an EU country, they will have the same rules in place regarding disposable vape pens as the UK does. They monitor the packaging, labelling, and distribution of e-cigarette devices. Use your common sense. If you see a recognisable brand when you are abroad, it is best to choose them. SMOK, for example, sell products all over the world.

Alternatively, you could buy a disposable vape pen in the UK and take it abroad with you, unopened.

Can I Take My Vape Device Abroad on the Plane?

Here in the UK, we do have allowances for items like this taken on aeroplanes. The parts to worry about are that electronic devices must be declared, and that your vape juice must not be over 100ml.

Taking E-Liquid on the Plane (UK)

As we know, we cannot take liquids to greater volumes than 100ml on the plane with us. We must present them in a clear plastic bag, too. Sometimes, when we go through the gates at security, the guards there may wish to test the contents of your vape liquid bottles to ensure they are what you say they are. Liquid drugs and explosives may be transported this way by the very imaginative smuggler.

Taking Vape Devices on the Plane (UK)

Yes, you absolutely can take your vape device on the plane but there are rules for this. You must carry it in your hand luggage. They cannot be stored in the hold of the aeroplane. The worry is that the pressure and cold in this part of the plane has a potential to cause problems with your device, which might ultimately endanger the occupants of the plane.

The other reason you are advised to take your vape device in your hand luggage is so that security can check it out. We know that we should do the same with our other vape devices, so this isn’t device specific. This is something that all electronics are subject to. You will notice that you must remove your laptop, your kindle, or any other devices from your case when you pass through security. Your vape device will be treated the same way. Gatwick airport specify this is the same ruling for all inbound and outbound flights.

Taking Vape Devices and Juices on the Plane Worldwide

When you are going through outbound travel to other countries, you must check the rules with the destination country to make sure you can travel with your e-cigarette. Be extremely careful because some countries have outright banned vaping. This is less to do with the health benefits/issues and more to do with tobacco companies exerting influence. Some countries which outright banned vaping include Qatar, Singapore, and Thailand. In Singapore, possession of a vape device comes with a $2,000 fine. Persons caught selling vape pens are routinely arrested, even those that sell them online.

Asides from the troublesome few, you can vape almost anywhere. Be sure that you check the rules of the country you are traveling to. To find the information you need, you can contact the airport you will arrive in or find them online.

Can I Use My Vape Device in the Airport?

You should not use your vape device in the airport. In UK airports, we don’t tend to have designated smoking rooms, rather you must go fully outside of the airport to use your vape device. However, in certain worldwide locations, smoking rooms are positioned throughout airports for the traveller’s convenience. Amsterdam airport famously has smoking rooms dotted throughout. You may use your vape at one of these rooms.

For all intents and purposes, your vape device is classed as a cigarette when you travel. You should not use it outside of designated smoking areas. The choice is yours, of course, but many airport security guards carry guns.

Where to Buy New Vape Devices and Vape Juice?

Don’t forget that you can pay a visit to our online vaping store when you return to top up on vape liquids. View our popular brands here or browse new vape devices on our website. We offer a huge range in first-class vaping products so you don’t need to worry about hunting for your favourites. Visit Vape Direct today for more.

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