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Can I Vape in the EU on Holiday?


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Countries within the European Union have a set of unanimous guidelines for vape use. However, each country is free to define its own vape related laws. As such working out if you can vape on holiday can be tricky.

The EU is made up of 27 different member countries. These countries each have their own agenda when it comes to setting vaping regulations. Depending upon where your next holiday destination is, there may or may not be rules attached.

This article reviews popular tourist destinations in Europe to reveal what you should know about taking your vape with you when you travel.

Can You Vape in the EU?

Yes, EU countries allow vaping although the rules for each country might differ. Countries where you cannot vape because of vaping bans include Australia, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Cambodia. There are 34 countries worldwide who have banned vaping. None are within the EU.

Which EU Countries Have Strict Vaping Regulations?

Although nobody in the EU has seen fit to ban vaping (since evidence suggests it is the most effective smoking cessation tool), some countries have stricter rules than others. If you are visiting any of the following EU countries, you may run into tighter restrictions on vape use than you are used to.

EU Countries with Strict Vaping Regulations include:

Each of these countries sport government officials and organisations pushing for tighter reform in both their own vaping laws and those the EU outlines. If you are flying to any of these countries on holiday, be sure to check the rules on importing vape devices. Anything you take with you could breach the rules.

Popular EU Holiday Countries Vape Rules

We have detailed what the rules on vaping are in the biggest holiday countries in Europe: Italy, France, and Spain.

Vape Rules in Italy

You are allowed to take vape devices to Italy. Pack them in your hand luggage, in with your bottles and liquids. Make sure that you don’t take more than 100ml of shortfill per bottle. Although not banned as of late June 2024, lawmakers are discussing disposable bans. Italy had a public ban on vaping until 2013 which they have since rescinded. You cannot vape indoors or near schools.

Vape Rules in France

Although vape devices are restricted in France, they are classed as a consumer product and are therefore legal. Vaping rules here are the same now as smoking rules are. No indoor smoking, use in public spaces, no under 18s etc. You cannot vape near schools, apprenticeship training centres, or anywhere related to minors.

Vape Rules in Spain

The Spanish vaping rules are remarkably similar to those in the UK. Throughout the EU, the 20mg of nicotine per 10ml bottle is a hard limit. This is the same for tank sizes, capped at 2ml. You cannot vape near playgrounds, railways, government facilities and a few others. If in doubt, look for signs. No Fumar is the same as no vaping here.

Stock Up On Vape Products Before You Fly

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